Sometimes… It’s Not This EASY.

The most dangerous part of receiving a chiropractic adjustment is driving your car in traffic to the office.  The truth is that even so-called ‘safe’ drugs aren’t totally harmless. They can’t be, otherwise they wouldn’t be drugs.

In an average twelve-month period, more than 1.5 MILLION hospitalized people suffer from the side effects of the drugs and therapy they receive there. Aspirin alone sends about 1,600 people to the hospital each year that DIE from gastric bleeding.

Drug interaction also creates a serious problem. Some individual drugs may be relatively benign, but taken together, they can be deadly. Make sure you’re getting regular chiropractic adjustments. They do help SAVE LIVES.

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Water and Sunlight

That’s right, water and sunlight!

And we can all agree that if we give this plant water and sunlight it is possible for this sick plant to become healthy, right? Of Course!

So once this sick plant becomes healthy what

2 things does it need to stay healthy???

EXACTLY! Water & Sunlight!!!!

It makes zero sense to use something to gain health but then to stop once your reach health. Chiropractic is the lifestyle of the

healthiest people in the world.

Make it part of yours!

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I am talking about exercise, or the lack thereof!  Did you know your body was created to MOVE and if you aren’t MOVING it (exercising) you are setting yourself up for disaster!

If people decide to exercise, most of the time it is purely for aesthetic reasons. (To look good in a bathing suit, etc) rather than to actually become healthy.  There is no substitute for exercise!

Inactivity reduces immune function and this increases the risk of all immune function related illness including viral and bacterial infection and cancer.  Inactivity represents a very serious deficiency..  Inactivity represents a very serious deficiency. -Journal of Applied Physiology

  • We have NO Genetic Defense against Sedentary Living 75% of ALL Deaths in the USA are caused by incongruent/sedentary Lifestyle CHOICES
  • Energy expenditure in the USA has DECREASED by 62% since 1920

“Exercise is a required nutrient for homeostasis and our genes are programmed to need it in order to create healthy cell function throughout our ecosystem of cells.”

-Dr. James Chestnut

So, why don’t more people get out there and exercise?  Because it’s hard and confusing?  Well it shouldn’t be.  Exercise is easy and it should be FUN!  Find something you like to do.

Running on a treadmill in your spare bedroom = NOT FUN.

Playing a game of one on one with your kids =FUN.

Doing sit-ups in your living room = NOT FUN.

Riding bicycles with your spouse or friend = FUN.

Find something you ENJOY doing.  Play golf, rock climb, train for a 5k, play ball with your kids, take up racket ball, join your church’s softball team.  Just get out there and get moving!  Don’t make it hard, make it fun!

“You will discover that allopathic (modern medicine) scientists, as they do with nutrition,  mistakenly study and evaluate exercise as a possible treatment for disease rather than looking at lack of exercise as a primary cause of illness.”    -Dr. James Chestnut

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Head Posture

According to Kapandji (Physiology of the Joints, Volume III), for every inch your head moves forwards, it gains 10 pounds in weight, so they have to work that much harder to keep your head (chin) from dropping onto your chest.   This is going to make you TIRED. Really TIRED. Maybe even irritable.

This forward head tilt… forces the muscles in your neck to remain in constant contraction, putting pressure on the delicate nerves in your neck.   This nerve compression may cause headaches at the base of your SKULL. Pressure on the nerves can also mimic sinus (frontal) headaches.

Rene Cailliet M.D., states: “Head in forward posture can add up to thirty pounds of abnormal leverage on the cervical (neck area) spine. This can pull the entire spine out of alignment. Forward head posture (FHP) may result in the loss of 30% of vital lung capacity which means you’re not going to breathe very well.

“This is primarily due to the LOSS of the curve in your neck, which blocks the action of the muscles, especially the muscles responsible for helping lift the first rib during inhalation.”  This is not a good thing as oxygen is something your body “cannot live” without.

Persistent forward head posture (a.k.a “hyperkyphotic posture”) puts compression upon the upper back (thoracic vertebra), and is also associated with the development of the Hump, which can evolve into compression fractures (anterior wedging).   A recent study found this was associated with a 1.44 greater rate of mortality.

It’s not uncommon to find a 2″ forward head placement in patients.   That would be like having a 20-pound watermelon hanging around your neck. If you don’t take care of it, you get worse. Regular chiropractic CAN correct this. Our specialty is in reversing “joint problems” (what we refer to as “subluxations”) and in re-invigorating the muscles that normally hold your head.

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MEMBERS WANTED: Chronic Back Pain Club

The statistics are staggering… at some point in their lives, 80 percent of all Americans suffer from back pain.  In fact, it is said to be second only to the common cold as the most prevalent affliction to mankind.   It almost seems like we should start a club called “Chronic Back Pain Sufferers Anonymous.”

Though it sounds like a joke, it’s really quite serious.  Back pain is one of the most common symptoms for which people seek the help of their medical doctor. It can often lead to time out of work, the inability to exercise, depression, decrease in family time and more.  And chronic back pain – the ongoing, daily, it-won’t-go-away pain – is even worse.  People who suffer from chronic back pain usually suffer from depression, can’t get their everyday chores done, don’t get to exercise properly, and have trouble enjoying the simplest things in life. It is often totally debilitating, depleting one’s sense of self worth and leading to a host of other physical and psychological problems.

Stopping the pain becomes paramount in life.  Most people start the process by taking some kind of prescription medication like the “magic three:”anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and pain killers.  The next step is often cortisone injections (or epidurals), followed by a combination of treatments like physical therapy, massage and/or chiropractic.

In their desperate need to stop the unending pain, people may also try acupuncture, decompression therapies and various alternative therapies.  Some even try psychotherapy, thinking the problem is “in their head,” when it is usually squarely in their back. Finally, when it seems all other options have been exhausted, they try invasive back surgery and its long and painful recovery period. Unfortunately, statistics show that surgery is not very successful for treating chronic back pain.

But there is a decades-old non-surgical alternative that is unknown to many but quickly gaining popularity: Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA).  MUA is exactly what it sounds like: after medical clearance, a patient is given twilight sedation to achieve total relaxation, then adjustments and stretching movements—which would be too painful to do while the patient is awake—are easily, painlessly and quickly accomplished.

MUA, combined with consistent, but simple post-procedure physical therapy and exercise, can totally eliminate or greatly reduce pain and restore or greatly improve range of motion. Plus, MUA procedures are cost-effective…they are thousands of dollars less than traditional surgery and other invasive treatments and are 100% covered by many insurance plans. What’s even greater is that recovery is much faster. MUA patients are usually back to work and the pleasure of living in just a day or two.

Dr. Tony Garrow of Garrow Family Chiropractic, Wall, is an area expert on MUA.  A magna cum laude graduate of Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, Georgia, he has an advanced, post-graduate certification in Chiropractic Biophysics Technique, which focuses on postural and spinal rehabilitation.  In conjunction with Dr. Mark Schwartz, a respected Doctor of Osteopathic medicine, he has performed this procedure on a multitude of patients and has received amazing results.

“One of our patients was a young mom with two children,” Dr. Garrow says.  “For months she suffered from horrible leg pain stemming from her back until we did the MUA procedure on her.  She has been about 95% pain free in her leg and back for two years now.”  He went on to explain that as a result of the procedure, she is again able to exercise, play with her children and is expecting another baby.

Another of Dr. Garrow’s patients, a 60-plus-year-old landscaper, had so much pain that, “He walked in my office bent over completely and was afraid he would have to quit working.  It has been over two years since he had the MUA procedure and he just started another season as a landscaper and he is virtually pain-free.”

MUA is neither new nor experimental. It has been practiced since the late 1930s and used by osteopathic physicians and orthopedic surgeons for many years as a proven form of treatment. During the past eight years, however, interest in MUA has greatly increased thanks to tremendous advances in anesthesiology. Today, MUA is a multi-disciplinary outpatient procedure that takes place in a controlled hospital or ambulatory surgical setting, usually over the course of one to three days. Using specialized chiropractic techniques, supported by the expertise of MDs, RNs and anesthesiologists, MUA achieves maximum results for qualified patients.

MUA is often highly effective on people with chronic neck, back and joint problems caused by long-term disabilities, accidents, and injuries that have not been responsive to conventional treatment. General indications that MUA could be effective include: fibro adhesion buildup, chronic disc problems, herniated disc without fragmentation, chronic myofascitis, intractable pain from neuromusculoskeletal conditions, Torticollis, chronic re-injury, chronic back and neck pain.  Chiropractic and physical therapy patients who have reached a plateau using traditional therapy also may significantly improve their quality of life using this effective and non-invasive procedure.

Garrow Family Chiropractic serves people of all ages including children.  For a free consultation and MUA informational packet, call Garrow Family Chiropractic at 732-223-1990.

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2 Questions You Might Be Thinking About

Do I Have a Pinched Nerve?

Many patients consult a doctor of chiropractic because they think they have a pinched nerve. While commonly associated with the spine, a “pinched nerve” is actually rare. Research suggests that only 10%-15% of spine related problems are caused by direct pressure of bone on a nerve. Typically a ‘pinched nerve’ will result in numbness, burning, or a ‘pins and needles’ feeling. When a bone pushes on a nerve, this is a serious condition that requires immediate attention over the course of months sometimes because even if the symptoms are GONE, the pressure on that nerve is still there.

Several other factors can cause numbness and/or a burning sensation. Most commonly, nerves are stretched or irritated, which produces a numbness feeling. Many people are surprised to discover that many causes of their pain are actually due to chemical irritation to the nerve, which also responds beautifully to chiropractic care.

Do I Have a Slipped Disc?

People commonly refer to slipped discs in their back, but it is not possible for discs to actually slip. The disc is a pad-like tissue located between two vertebrae, which acts as “shock absorber” for the spine. The center of the disc is made of a fluid, soft, jelly-like substance. When discs become damaged, small tears can occur, which allows the soft center to leak out and put pressure on the nerves. This is known as a ruptured or sometimes called “herniated” disc, and can be extremely painful, but does not have to exhibit any symptoms.

While results cannot be guaranteed, many patients have avoided needless surgery or a dependency on pain pills by choosing chiropractic care for their disc-related health problems. Chiropractic adjustments are safer than back surgery, muscle relaxers, and even aspirin!

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10 Ways to Prevent Summer Sports Injuries

It’s summertime… time for lots of outdoor sports and family fun! But, with the increase in outdoor activities in the heat can come an increase in sports-related injuries. Garrow Family Chiropractic, located in the Sea Girt Mall, gives the following quick tips to keep your summer fun and healthy, and keep you and your kids on top of your game.


When participating in sports, make sure you warm up properly. Take a quick 5-10 minute walk/jog to get that blood flowing and joints warm.


Lightly stretch before activity to add flexibility to your muscles and ligaments.  Focus on stretching your legs and back the most.


Since the majority of the human body is made up of H2O, be sure to drink plenty of water or fitness drink. In the heat you get dehydrated much faster, which greatly increases your chance for injury.


A 5- to 10-minute post-exercise cool down followed by a deep stretch will help return your body back to its resting state and keep you less sore.


Practice proper form in any of the activities you perform.  Improper movements can increase injury.


Use supports or exercise tape if necessary to support your joints and provide proper stability.


Stop trying to be a weekend warrior! Most injuries occur because people don’t participate regularly, then just push too hard.  Exercise everyday, even if for just 20 minutes.

  1. GET YOUR Zssssssssss

Proper rest is more important than you think. 8-10 hours of sleep a night will supply your body with the proper time it needs to repair any injuries.


Wear the proper equipment for your sport or activity, including good shoes, helmets, pads, etc.

10.  ICE

Ice, ice, ice after exercise if you are sore or injured. Ice will decrease any inflammation that may be occurring at the site of injury or the overused joints. If the soreness continues for more than a few days, see your doctor of chiropractic.

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Are You Running On Empty And Don’t Know It?


f your energy, drive and ambition have tanked along with your love life, increasing low testosterone — or what some doctors call “low T” — is only half the battle.

Testosterone alone is usually… not enough.

It’s a big part of making your life better, but it’s only the beginning.

There’s another piece to the puzzle that most guys — and doctors — miss.

And that’s bad news.

Adding that extra piece gives you more than just a temporary bump in energy. It gives you the kind of swagger most men can only wish for and remember.

But here’s what it means:

  • A driving, competitive edge with mental focus and clarity
  • Pumping, well-defined muscles
  • Increased vigor, strength and mobility
  • Bigger, harder and more frequent erections

The missing piece is what I call nature’s “energy pump.”

Once it’s “switched on,” you drive energy to every cell, muscle and tissue in your body when you need it… on demand.

The blend of the two gives you something legendary.

It’s called potency.

Potency is more than just getting an erection. It’s having the energy to do EVERYTHING that makes you feel like a man. That means a boost of physical AND mental performance.

This discovery is helping my patients keep their youthful energy and physical performance far beyond retirement.

To enjoy your full power as a man, you need to activate this “energy pump” AND boost testosterone. And when male patients come to my office, that’s exactly what they get… but without the side-effect risks you get from other treatment options.

Let me show you how I do it.

When You Only Deal With Half the Problem,
You Only Feel Like Half a Man

Mainstream medicine is finally catching up.

Well, sort of catching up, let’s say that.

After years of denying that testosterone is essential for a man’s ambition and sexual performance, a few medical professionals are finally telling guys that boosting low testosterone will help them feel more like a man.

But here’s the problem: They’re still decades behind the times.

Boosting testosterone is something doctors “in the know” were doing years ago.

And it worked up to a point.

It’s better than nothing, but relying on synthetic testosterone won’t get you to where you need to be.

When I help men with testosterone, some of them didn’t respond as well to the treatment as I wanted them to and I knew there was something that might be missing.

They just didn’t get the drive and energy I thought they would, as fast as I thought they would.

For a while, I didn’t understand why. But when I started experimenting with nature’s “energy pump,” AND boosting testosterone at the same time, I got immediate results.

It was one of those great moments when the light went on and everything started to click.

Now it all makes sense: The power to act spontaneously, stay focused, solve problems, generate new ideas and maintain your energy level is just as important as sexual performance.

And now I have a way to give you all of these things.

What I discovered can help:

  • Send a rush of oxygen to your brain for better clarity and focus
  • Support your energy, stamina and endurance over the long term
  • Galvanize your heart, lungs and blood vessels
  • Strengthen your heart’s pumping power and support normal blood pressure
  • Give you the kind of “functional strength” that helps you maintain your independence and mobility

Here’s how it works.

Nature’s “Energy Pump” Drives Power
to Where You Need It Most

There’s a simple molecule that turns on your built-in “energy pump,” sending a rush through your body.

In fact, when researchers made the discovery, they won a Nobel Prize for their efforts.

It’s called “nitric oxide.”

Nitric oxide (NO) is a gas produced by a single layer of cells that line your blood vessels. When (NO) is released, it causes your blood vessels to relax and expand, sending a rush of oxygen throughout your body.

This “energy pump” expands your blood vessels, and the increased flow of blood and oxygen that follows is essential for life. You couldn’t live without it.

(NO) is critical for boosting your heart strength, muscle strength, and promoting strong erections. And it’s fast-acting, too.

Here’s the best part: You can trigger the release of (NO) and give yourself a blast of energy… whenever you want, if you know what I’m going to tell you.

When combined with a gentle testosterone booster creme from West Coast, you have the two components of potency, giving you the kind of “get-up-and-go” even a young man would envy.

I’ll tell you about that in just a second.

First, let me show you how you can trigger (NO) on your own.

Meet the Energy Booster That Won a Nobel Prize

The first step to more (NO) is a simple amino acid called l-arginine. Your body uses this amino acid to trigger the release of (NO).

Body builders have been using l-arginine for years, but they’ve never used anything like what I’m about to tell you about. Taken before a workout, it gives them a “muscle pump” by getting more blood and oxygen to their muscles.

After its Nobel Prize, research on (NO) and l-arginine skyrocketed.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Flexible, supple arteries and blood vessels are key to good circulation and a healthy heart. In one study, l-arginine helped the blood vessels to function better: Blood vessel dilation increased from 2.2% to 8.8%.1

    Another study found that taking oral l-arginine helped arteries dilate to help support blood pressure.2

  • More muscle mass and healthy muscle tone make you feel stronger and more vigorous. Strong muscles boost your resting metabolism, making it easier for you to stay fit.
  • In the bedroom, l-arginine can help with performance. Men taking 2.8 grams of arginine a day, showed a dramatic improvement over the course of two weeks.4 Similar doses in another study produced a benefit in half the men taking it.5

But l-arginine is just one part of the puzzle. That’s why I recommend a special (NO) booster for the best possible support to my patients.

I call it ProArgi~9plus. It comes ready to drink in water and it’s the best for boosting(NO).

Here’s how it works…

Multiply Your Gains With This Special, One-Of-A-Kind L-Arginine Booster

To help give you a longer-lasting boost. ProArgi~9plus formula combines standard l-arginine with a specialized form of arginine.

It’s faster acting and extends (NO) production, giving you a longer-lasting effect. In fact, it will last you an entire 24 hours.

That means you get the lift only a (NO) booster can give you, but one that lasts for 24 hours which is better than anything on the market today.

ProArgi~9plus is remarkably effective. The combination is far superior to anything else you’ll find out there.

The West Coast testosterone crème and (NO) together act like rocket fuel to your system, so it’s the combo of l-arginine and natural testosterone creme that make this combination so powerful.

The two together are what I would call explosive.

Feel That “Can-Do” Energy… Anytime You Want

This (NO) booster is a special blend of nutrients that gives you a long, sustained release of nitric oxide, the “energy pump” that releases your body’s natural energy.

(NO) is my top recommendation for men who want more energy without relying on help from stimulants, gym memberships or prescription-happy doctors.

With ProArgi~9plus, you get more of what makes you feel like a man:

  • MORE energy to take action at a moment’s notice
  • MORE confidence and better performance in the bedroom
  • MORE strength, drive and authority
  • MORE stamina to perform at peak levels longer

With ProArgi~9plus (NO) booster, you feel results. But for the maximum, full-on effect, you need to address BOTH sides of the problem.  The “other half” supports your testosterone levels, the hormone that turns boys into men.

Now That You Switched on Your “Energy Pump,” It’s
Time to Naturally Support Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is your primary masculine hormone. It’s what makes you strong, smart, quick and aggressive. It’s also what makes you a potent and virile lover.

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Is Your Sleep Really That Important?

Sleep is important to a lot of things in your life. Make sure you read this and share it with your friends.

Without the daily restorative process of a good nights sleep, life takes on a raw edge–a feeling that millions know all too well.

Chiropractic has been proven effective in helping sleep disorders and helping people get a better night’s sleep.

Traditional Chiropractic and Chiropractic Neurology

Sleep disorders are prevalent and often disabling, but most are effectively treatable using chiropractic.

Sleep is one of the most important functions of your brain. The ability of your nervous system to regulate what’s going on around you is considered a prerequisite to good, natural sleep. If you’re aware of everything little thing, you’re not going to get a good nights sleep.

Specific areas of your brain ‘change’ in their function to prevent it from sending information that might keep you awake.  An example of that would be a patient suffering from pain or other health conditions that produce a continual activation of their brain and therefore they would have difficulty sleeping. This happens a lot.

If you have insomnia or just can’t sleep, you need to address this problem because it will affect the central state of your brain and then you won’t be able to sleep like you should.

When helping sleep disorders, we take a closer look at different areas of your brain that are specific for sleep cycles and brain activity. We evaluate your nervous system, and all the feedback loops that affect the area of your brain that can control your sleep-wake cycles. We do this by ADJUSTING specific areas of your neck and spine.

We also look at what we can do therapeutically to increase or decrease activation of specific areas of your brain that are NOT functioning at optimal levels by using specific chiropractic adjustments to remove any interference in your spine. It’s a feedback system and we give your brain the feedback it needs to help you sleep restfully.

Don’t forget. As you get older, different parts of your brain are affected. Those areas also tend to deteriorate with a decrease in adequate circulation. When this happens you start to experience not only insomnia, but also mental changes in general, such as loss of the ability to solve problems and an increase in anxiety or depression.

Make sure you adjusted regularly and checked regularly to take care of these interferences. Chiropractic is an important part of you staying healthy for a long, long time. Call the office today.

Dr. Tony Garrow, 732-223-1990, Sea Girt, N.J. 08750

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Do Ear Infections Make Kids Prone to More Serious Illnesses Later in Life?

Everyone has heard about the Swine Flu.  The Swine Flu is most dangerous to those people with weak immune systems like the elderly, babies, and people with debilitating diseases.  Kids with chronic ear infections are in this category. “American doctors write more prescriptions for ear infections than for any other illness, childhood or adult (102).” “98 out of 100 doctors still routinely prescribe antibiotics for AOM (ear infections) (102).” “By allowing them to run their course naturally, they say, we can greatly reduce our use of antibiotics -and reduce the problem of bacterial resistance to boot (101).” Super-bugs are on the rise which are strong bacteria that are resistant to our weaker antibiotics like penicillin. This means that kids who are regularly on antibiotics may now have powerful bacteria in their body that require heavy doses of stronger antibiotics to kill them. The fear is that some time later when a child really needs antibiotics to save their life, they may not work.

This article suggests to wait 2-3 days before giving antibiotics to your child for ear infections. “Holding off two or three days doesn’t increase the risk of complications (105).” As a matter of fact, not taking antibiotics may actually increase the body’s immune system. “Antibiotics cause side effects, such as rashes, yeast infections, or diarrhea.(105).” Antibiotics disrupt the normal state of the body and can actually harm the immune system if they are used often.

What can a parent do then? “Parents need to get over the feeling that if they’re not given an antibiotic they’ve wasted their time (106).” Ask your pediatrician if you can wait a few days to fill the prescription or “ask about a five-day course” of antibiotics instead of the ten-day (106). “Four out of Five ear infections heal on their own. .nearly two-thirds of kids with ear infections who don’t take antibiotics recover in 24 hours (102).” So you may want to discuss this article with your pediatrician and consider using the “wait-and-see approach” to treating antibiotics. By using antibiotics in only emergency situations, you and your family will be much better guarded against Anthrax and other super-bugs.

**** In addition, to this approach there are other ways to help your child’s body become stronger so they can decrease the amount of ear infection’s they have. I have found that many kids who suffer from reoccurring ear infections also have large misalignments in their spine, especially in their neck that may be interfering with their body’s nervous system and thus the immune system. Many kids who get adjusted by a Chiropractor have been able to decrease the amount of ear infections they encounter. Please call us if you would like more information about Chiropractic and other natural ways to help this huge national problem of ear infections.

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